Resolving the iOS - Invalid Segment Alignment ITMS - 90209

🎯 Overview of the Issue

The "iOS - Invalid Segment Alignment ITMS - 90209" issue is a common error encountered by iOS developers during the distribution process of their applications. This error typically arises due to conflicts with certificates and provisioning profiles. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the problem and provide an enhanced solution to help you resolve this issue effectively.

🎯 Conflict with Development and Production Certificates:

One of the potential causes of the "iOS - Invalid Segment Alignment ITMS - 90209" issue is a conflict between the development and production certificates. These certificates are used for different purposes and can sometimes create conflicts during the distribution process. To address this problem, follow the steps outlined below.

🎯 Deleting Certificates in Keychain:

The first step in resolving this issue is to remove both the development and distribution certificates from your Keychain. This ensures that any conflicting certificates are eliminated, allowing you to start with a clean slate. Follow these steps to delete the certificates:

🎯 Downloading the Distribution Certificate:

After removing the certificates, you need to download the distribution certificate from the Apple Developer Portal. By focusing solely on the distribution certificate, you avoid any potential conflicts with the development certificate. Proceed with the following steps:

🎯 Installing the Distribution Certificate:

Once you have downloaded the distribution certificate, install it on your Mac. This step ensures that the correct certificate is available for the distribution process. Follow these instructions to install the certificate:

🎯 Exporting the .p12 File from the Private Key:

To proceed further, you need to export the .p12 file from the private key associated with your distribution certificate. The .p12 file is required to regenerate the distribution provisioning profile. Here's how you can export the .p12 file:

🎯 Regenerating/Downloading the Distribution Provisioning Profile:

The final step in resolving the "iOS - Invalid Segment Alignment ITMS - 90209" issue is to regenerate or download the distribution provisioning profile from the Apple Developer Portal. This profile ensures that your app is properly provisioned for distribution. Follow these steps:

🎯 Conclusion

By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively resolve the "iOS - Invalid Segment Alignment ITMS - 90209" issue. Deleting conflicting certificates, downloading and installing the distribution certificate, exporting the .p12 file, and regenerating the distribution provisioning profile will help ensure a smooth distribution process for your iOS app. Remember to adhere to Apple's guidelines and best practices throughout the certificate and provisioning profile management process to avoid similar issues in the future

🎯 Additional Points need to Considered