App Screen Design: Guidelines, Measurements, and Best Practices

🎯 Design Guidelines

1. Design according to the platform

Designing according to the platform involves understanding and adhering to the specific design guidelines provided by the platform. This includes following platform-specific UI patterns, navigation conventions, iconography, and typography recommendations. By designing within the platform's guidelines, you ensure that your app screen feels native and familiar to users, providing a seamless experience.

Consideration can also be given to platform-specific features and capabilities. For example, iOS has features like 3D Touch and Force Touch, while Android has its own set of interaction patterns like long-pressing and swiping gestures. Leveraging these platform-specific features can enhance the user experience and make your app screen more engaging.

2. Simplicity design

3. The visibility principle

4. Content must readable to the user

🎯 Important measurements of screen design

🎯 Colors

Important Colors

🎯 Fonts

Important Sizes : 


🎯 Spacing