6.Oracle Heterogeneous Services

Heterogeneous Services

Heterogeneous Services is a component within the Oracle9i database server that is necessary for accessing a non-Oracle database system.

The term "non-Oracle database system" refers to the following:

  • Any system accessed by PL/SQL procedures written in C (that is, by external procedures)
  • Any system accessed through SQL (that is, by Oracle Transparent Gateways and Generic Connectivity)
  • Any system accessed procedurally (that is, by procedural gateways)

Heterogeneous Services makes it possible for Oracle9i database server users to do the following:

  • Use Oracle SQL statements to retrieve data stored in non-Oracle systems.
  • Use Oracle procedure calls to access non-Oracle systems, services, or application programming interfaces (APIs) from within an Oracle distributed environment.

Heterogeneous Services is generally applied in one of two ways:

  • Users use an Oracle Transparent Gateway in conjunction with Heterogeneous Services to access a particular, vendor-specific, non-Oracle system for which an Oracle Transparent Gateways is designed. For example, you would use the Oracle Transparent Gateway for Sybase on Solaris to access a Sybase database system that was operating on a Sun Solaris platform.
  • Users use Heterogeneous Services' generic connectivity to access non-Oracle databases through ODBC or OLE DB interfaces.

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