Middle-ware Concepts

The middleware consist of the concept of EJB,RMI and CORBA technologies.A brief introduction of Enterprise Java Bean and its role is explained in this collection.Deployment of EJB components is explained clearly in this section with an example.Remote method invocation concepts are explained and clarified with the example of "RMI download".
Middleware Concepts And Enterprise Java Beans
Client-server,Middleware,Types Of Server,Building Blocks on Client/Server,Enterprise JavaBean,EJB Type,and Events Of EJB.

Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Introduction,Sample Program,The Interface Definition Language (IDL) File,The Batch file,The Server File,The Client File,Summary,and Program Listings.

Introduction Of Enterprise JavaBean
Introduction to EJBs,What Is an EJB?,The EJB Landscape,Types of EJB and Common Uses of EJBs,Why Use EJBs?,Separation of Business Logic from UI and Data Access,and Container Services.

Learn Java RMI
Introduction to Java RMI,RMI Overview,Writing an Interface,Implementing the interface,Writing RMI Client,and Running the Client and Server.

Message Oriented Middleware
Message Oriented Middleware(MOM),A requirements Story,Advantages,Disadvantages and Trends.

Remote Procedure Call
Remote procedure call(RPC),History and origins,Message passing,and Standard contact mechanisms.