Browser Technologies

Introduction,How Ajax is different?,Generic Application model,Ajax Architecture,and Comparison of Ajax and Applet.

ASP .Net AJAX,Ajax Engine,Architecture Overview,Ajax Client Architecture,Ajax Server Architecture,Atlas Programming Model,Microsoft Ajax Library,Microsoft AJAX Library Built-In Classes,Ajax Control Toolkit,Client Life Cycle Events,WCF Services for Asp.Net Ajax and Web Services.

Introduction to JavaScript,JavaScript Statements,JavaScript Comments,JavaScript Variables,JavaScript Operators,JavaScript Comparison and Logical Operators,JavaScript If...Else Statements,JavaScript Switch Statement,JavaScript Popup Boxes,JavaScript Functions,JavaScript For Loop,JavaScript While Loop,JavaScript Break and Continue,JavaScript For...In Statement,JavaScript Events,JavaScript Try...Catch Statement,JavaScript Throw Statement,JavaScript The onerror Event,JavaScript Special Characters,and JavaScript Guidelines.

Web Services,Web Services for Ajax,Ajax Client Architecture,Ajax Server Architecture,An Example for Webservice,Web Services to Client Script,WCF Services to Client Script,Calling Webservices from Client and Creating and Using AJAX-Enabled Web Service.

XML Parser,XML - DOM, XML to HTML,XML HTTP Requests,and XML Application.