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posted Oct 31, 2009, 6:15 AM by Thiyagaraaj M   [ updated Nov 17, 2011, 2:09 AM by Thiyagaraaj Mp ]
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  • Suitable IDE for all different Environments
  • Develop desktop, mobile and web applications with Java, PHP, C/C++ and more.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. NetBeans IDE is open-source and free.
The NetBeans IDE is an award-winning integrated development environment available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris. The NetBeans project consists of an open-source IDE and an application platform that enable developers to rapidly create web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications using the Java platform, as well as PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++.

Current Version : Netbeans 7

NetBeans IDE 7.0 introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with JDK 7 language features. The release also provides enhanced integration with the Oracle WebLogic server, as well as support for Oracle Database and GlassFish 3.1. Additional highlights include Maven 3 and HTML5 editing support; a new GridBagLayout designer for improved Swing GUI development; enhancements to the Java editor, and more.
NetBeans IDE 7.0 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

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