Free Download Visual Studio 2010 Express

posted Jun 9, 2010, 1:26 AM by Thiyagaraaj M   [ updated Jun 9, 2010, 7:10 AM ]

Unleash your Creativity!

The Visual Studio?? 2010 Express is a set of free tools which offers you an exciting experience with the new integrated development environment, a new editor built in Windows?? Presentation Foundation (WPF) and support for the new .NET Framework 4.

Powerful Set of Free Tools

  • Choose the language that's right for you.
  • Microsoft?? Visual Basic?? 2010 Express is ideal for the developer learning to program on Microsoft?? Windows??.
  • Microsoft?? Visual C#?? 2010 Express offers a great combination of power and productivity for Windows developers building on .NET.
  • Microsoft?? Visual C++?? 2010 Express provides developers the horsepower with a finer degree of control than the other Visual Studio Express productions.


  • Visual Studio?? 2010 Express supports the new .NET Framework 4.
  • Visual Studio?? 2010 Express products have a new integrated development environment (IDE) including a new Windows Presentation Framework code editor.
  • In this new release, Visual Studio?? 2010 Express gains multi-monitor support as well as part of the new IDE.
  • Unique to Visual Studio?? 2010 Express is a new streamlined user experience that focuses on the most common commands by hiding some of the more advanced menus and toolbars. These are easily accessible by users via theTools / Settings menu.
  • Visual Studio?? 2010 Express offers a new Start Page.

Download Visual Studio 2010 Express: