Create Slideshow Using Flash

posted Aug 11, 2009, 8:04 AM by Thiyagaraaj M   [ updated Aug 29, 2011, 11:51 AM ]
Step By Step Explanation

Open Flash

Step 1: press windowskey+R Run dialog box will appear type flash and press enter.
Step 2: Go to file menu select new or Ctr+n (File ?? new ) new movie form will appear

Import Picture Into Falsh Library

Step 3: Go to file menu select import (File ?? import)and choose pictures and click open picture will imported at the library.
Step 4: open the library press F11 or go to window menu and select library (Window ?? library) corresponding movie library will open.

Change Picture Size

Step 5: drag the picture from the library to workspace and then right click on the picture go to ???panels select info??? in that info change the width value to 550 and height value to 400.
Width : 550
Hieght : 400

Convert Image to Symbol

Step 6:Click on the image go to insert  menu select convert to symbol specify the symbol name and check the movie clip option selected then press ok.
Step 7: This process continues until all the pictures have been converted to symbol.

Change Alpha Value

Step 8: click the 35th frame in the timeline phrase goto modify and select instance(Modify ?? instance). In instance dialog box select the effect tab in the dropdown box select the alpha and change the alpha value.

Time-Line Setup

Step 8: In the time line phrase insert the new frame drag the movie clip symbol to the work space. Insert the new frame by pressing f6 or right click in the timeline phrase choose insert keyframe at the interval 35.

Picture Wise Time line Key Frame:

1: 0
2 : 35
3 : 36 ( Remove Existing Picture & Add New Picture)
4 : 70
5 : 71 ( Remove 2nd Picture & Add 3rd Picture )
6 : till all Pictures..
Step 9: The above process is continued at all the movieclip symbol has placed in the workspace the time interval of each picture is 35.

Set Effect

Step 10: go to modify menu and choose instance(Modify  ?? instance) instance dialog box appear in the instance dialog box choose frame tab in that tweening choose motion the motionclip effect is applied in ur layer.

Show Slideshow

Step 11: Press Ctrl+Enter to see the output