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Like people, websites come in all different shapes and sizes. Some sites are very social. Some are reserved. With Webs, it???s easy to build a site that???s as unique as you. It???s the place to inform the world about your business, passions or hobbies and engage others to share their unique ideas, information, photos and videos. With features like blogs, web stores, member profiles and even group publishing, anyone can bring a site to life on

Get The Most From Your Free Website

At Webs, we provide all the tools you need to create a professional-looking website in just minutes. Add a blog, forum, calendar, photo gallery, video gallery and much more. Want to turn your site into a social network? No problem! You also have the ability to add members and create personal profiles so you can turn your site into a community where friends, colleagues and family can connect and collaborate.

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Choose from More than 300 Templates.

We have the right template for your site. Choose from many categories and styles including professional, education, recreation, sports, gaming and more. You also can easily customize your template with our Site Designer: upload and insert your logo, change the background color ...

Site Builder

So Very Easy-to-Use Page Editor.

Can you use MS Word? Then you can use our easy Page Editor to add new pages and enter text, images, videos, widgets and more with our oh so easy-to-use page editor. Drag-n-drop interface makes it a breeze. Create columns, change font size and colors, undo edits and more. Do all the things you're used to doing in a word processor, plus a lot more.


Organize and Share Photos.

Upload your photos into photo albums. Want to pull in photos from PhotoBucket or link to photos on another site? No problem. And friends can upload as well - with your permission, of course. You can crop, recolor, resize and rotate your pics right from your site. Include commenting so your friends and family can share their thoughts!


Show and Share Video.

Upload your videos to make your own video channel. You can also pull in videos from YouTube or anywhere on the Web. And our new feature: You have the power to allow your site members to add their videos to your galleries as well!


Communicate through Blogs and Forums.

Create conversations with a blog or forum. You and your members can post your thoughts, plus you can designate members to moderate, monitor and guide the conversation.


Set a Date on the Calendar.

Add a calendar to your site to let your visitors know what, when and where events will happen. Easy to use interface makes it simple to add events - and you can allow commenting on those events as well.


Access and Add Widgets from Around the Web.

Tons of widgets to choose from to help keep your site fresh, informative and fun. News feeds, maps, polls, counters, games, and more ??? access the wide world of widgets from one central location.


Grow Your Business with a Web Store.

Sell your products and services online. You can upload multiple images, set your prices, and collect payment via PayPal and/or Google Checkout.

Grow and Manage Your Community.


Turn Your Site Into a Social Network.

Add the power of social networking to your site by turning your visitors into Site Members. Visitors ???join??? your site, create profiles and contribute to your community by posting comments, photos, videos, and more.

Mailing List

Send Email Blasts To Your Members.

Keep your visitors coming back for more by adding them to your own mailing list. Ongoing email updates help you share the latest and greatest from you and your website. We do the list management so you don't have to.


Build a Ring Around Your Website.

There are more than 20 million sites on ??? sites with interests and audiences similar to yours. Share traffic by joining a related ring or start your own. You can link to and from such sites by creating ???Rings??? within the Webs community.

Additional Services to Grow a Site.


Upgrade and Enhance Your Site.

Take your site to the next level with our paid premium services, which include personal domains and email accounts, ad-free websites, inventory management for your web store, and more. Learn morehere.


Restrict Access to Just Your Community.

Password protect a few or all of the pages on your site to limit access to members only.


Generate Insight Into Your Audience.

Get a glimpse into how many people visit your site and which pages they view. You can use this invaluable insight to continually improve your user experience.