Create Free Website with Terapad


Terapad are pleased to announce the launch of a series of free Templates designed to assist various members of the scouting world to get online. As with all Terapad Templates these can be modified by the end user to produced a customised look and feel, but regardless which one in chosen everyone can benefit from Terapad???s market leading website Content Management System (CMS) completely free of charge.


   1. Schedule political campaign events. Each website has a built in event scheduler where visitors can view upcoming affairs for your party. Let your supporters stay informed of your public campaign speeches.
   2. Accept Donations. Raising funds for your run can be difficult. Every centavo counts and donations from different sectors is indeed significant. Why not embed a Paypal button on your website and raise funds from your supporters?
   3. Blog about the latest news about you. Expect that you will be the spotlight and everyone will watch you. Publicize the latest happenings in relation to your campaign. Broadcast it to the public.
   4. Open a public forum. Let the people speak and listen to what they say. Each voice can help you improve your political stands. Participating with them can make them feel that you care about them.
   5. Use your own domain name. The Website comes with a powerful blogging engine with as many Web 2.0 features as you would expect from the market leaders.
   6. Setup a photo Gallery. Publish photos from your campaign events with your members. Certainly, people would like to see how interact with the public.
   7. Secure pages for members only. Set restrictions to some of your pages by using the built in protection feature. Protect pages from unwanted visitors with hidden agendas.
   8. Create pages easily. Terapad's built in text editor is very easy to use and works similar to word processing software. You do not need to study any technical codes.