Create Free Website With Microsoft Live Smallbusines


Web site design tools and hosting. Office Live Small Business provides access to free online web design tools and templates for non-technical users' website development. Site Designer is a product feature used for customizing page layouts, colors, navigation, and other site elements. Users can also add modules such as PayPal buttons, blogs, and calendars to pages. Advanced web users can upload HTML code to customize their web pages. Microsoft provides free website hosting and 5 gigabytes (GB) of storage space for site files. Additional storage space can be purchased if a user's site exceeds this storage limit.


Domain name registration and business e-mail. Within Office Live Small Business, domain names may be selected and registered. Customers who already have a domain name with another provider can redirect it to Office Live Small Business. Users can create up to 100 domain-based e-mail accounts at no charge. Additional email accounts can be purchased. The price is $14.95 a year and includes private registration. 

Contact Manager. The Contact Manager is designed to organize customer information, contact histories, and sales information in one place and make it accessible via the web to their entire organization.

Document Manager. This application is used as an online repository for documents in order to make them easily accessible to employees to facilitate collaboration.

Team Workspace. The Team Workspace application creates a project website for posting information to share with customers, employees, or business partners. It is meant to streamline the editing process, give users remote access to company data, and download large files as needed.

Resources and support. Microsoft offers 24-hour technical phone support at no charge for 30 days. Online, the Community site includes a blog, wiki, articles, how-to videos, and the opportunity for customers to ask and answer questions about using Office Live Small Business.

Advanced Design Features