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Fast, reliable and hassle-free way to make a website
350 pages is easy to use and being web-based it means that you can create a website and edit your pages from anywhere in the world at any time. Since 350pages is hosted on our safe, fast, and reliable web servers, you don't need to download, install or configure anything. All you need is a web browser (IE 6/7, Firefox, or Safari) and an internet connection. 350pages has a free website builder, a Lite website builder and a full version. 
  • Hundreds of professional designs
  • No technical skills needed
  • Create a website in seconds
  • Drag and drop objects
  • Low cost Website Builder

Features List

Amazing professional website in minutes!
Amazing professional website in minutes!350pages is an online web site builder that enables you to create you own professional quality website in minutes. Everything you need is provided - even the hosting. As 350pages is an online website builder, there is no software to download and you can make changes and publish your website from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world at any time.

No Programming
Using an extensive range of fully customizable templates you don't need any web design or programming skills.

Web Site Template Designs & Layouts Template Designs & Layouts
350pages offers an extensive range of professionally designed website templates and layouts, which are fully customizable. These include business, personal and club designs

Instant Website Creator
Create a website consisting of multiple pages already linked together, in seconds - simply specify the design, template layout and names of the pages required.

Customize Graphics, Buttons & Headings 
350pages' award winning technology allows you to customize buttons, banners, headings, logos and even spinning text and you can see the changes as you make them.

Customize Graphics, Buttons & Headings In the full version, there are over 900 professionally designed graphics to choose from and you can change the colors, text style, sizes and add shadows. There are roll-over navigation buttons whose colors change when the visitor moves over them. You can even rotate the graphics so that they are vertical on the page.

Live Editing to Personalize Page Content
WYSIWYG. Everything on the webpage is an editable object ??? graphics, text, images, forms, and photo galleries. You can also edit the objects with borders, backgrounds and transparencies. Resize photos and graphics right on your page, in real time.

Drag ???n Drop Free Format
Objects can be ???floated??? so that you can drag ???n drop them anywhere on the page to create your own unique website design. (full version)

Rich Text Editing
You can change the text color, font, font size, use italics or bold as well as insert a numbered or bulleted list or a hyperlink. Experienced subscribers can add their own HTML code.

Comprehensive Photo Editor
Comprehensive Photo EditorYou can resize, crop, rotate, enhance for brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness or simply use the auto-enhance. Users of the full version can add various effects and even adjust the fill light.

Thumbnail images with a slideshow
You can have photos with thumbnail images that link out to a larger image when selected. What???s more your visitors will then be able to see all of the images as a slideshow, either one at a time or as a continuous, automatic show. (full version)

Build Online Photo Albums AutomaticallyBuild Online Photo Albums
Photo Galleries are easy. Simply choose the size of the thumbnail images and the number required across the page and 350pages will build it automatically for you.

Framed Images
Put a background canvas behind an image with its caption to give the effect of a mounted photo. Choose from a range of frame styles.

Fast upload of multiple images which resize upon upload making them more efficient for use on your website.

Theme copy
The theme colors, headings, graphic styles and links, button bars, page keywords, description and title, can all be copied from another page even if the other page is in a different style and layout.

PayPal e-commerce & Shopping Cart Facility
350pages allows you to quickly and easily offer items for sale from your web site and acquire payment from debit and credit card users around the world.

Photos and Clipart
There are over 2000 free photos and clipart in the 350pages full version.

Web Page Add-Ons
You can enhance your webpages even further with gadgets and widgets including news, clocks, weather, maps, polls, guestbooks, audio, video, flash animations, movies and many more..

Publishing Your Pages 
Publishing Your Pages You can publish or unpublish webpages in an instant with 350pages. Simply select the webpage in your File manager and choose the publish / unpublish option.

Your Own Secure FileStore
350pages provides your own password protected central File-Manager where your webpages and photos will be kept. You can store photos, clipart or graphics ready for use on your webpage. You can even store document files so you can access them from anywhere in the world.

Domain Names
Domain NamesHaving your own unique Domain Name for your web site and email address is really important especially if you are a business. 350pages makes it so simple that everyone can have one (or more, if you wish!). If you already have a registered Domain Name managed by another company it's very easy to make it refer to your 350pages website.

Search Engine Optimisation
Easy entry of titles, keywords and descriptions onto all your webpages with automatic linking into the 350 network so that the search engines can find your website easily.

Three Versions
There???s a free version with adverts, a Lite version with more space and bandwidth and no adverts and the full version with lots more of everything ??? features, resources, bandwidth and storage space.Compare Here