Log In Android ( Find Run Time Errors ) with Example

Android Log:

Android Logging System Provides standard viewing system for Application progress.

Standard Log Methods:

  • verbose
  • debug
  • information
  • warning
  • error

Common logging Syntax

  • verbose - v(String, String) 
  • debug - d(String, String) 
  • information - i(String, String) 
  • warning - w(String, String)
  • error - e(String, String)

Example For Logging:

String TAG = "Activity Name";
Log.v(TAG, "Start Progress");


Log.v(" Activity Name" , "Start Progress");

Priority(lowest to highest):

V ??? Verbose (lowest priority)
D ??? Debug
I ??? Info
W ??? Warning
E ??? Error
F ??? Fatal
S ??? Silent (highest priority, on which nothing is ever printed)

How to See Log Messages In Eclipse ( Android Programming )

Step - 1

In Menu
Window -> Show View -> Others

Step - 2

->And Search and Select Logcat ( Android -> Logcat )
Now You Can See Logs Very Easily.

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